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The energy Information System (EIS) gathers a large amount of information and data on energy.

The EIS helps officials in charge of energy to take heed of issues related to sustainable development, promotion of national, regional and continental energy resources, access of disadvantaged populations to energy services and efficient definition of national energy policies.

To this effect, indicators including the access rate to commercial forms of energy, the coverage rate of fuel wood demand by the forestry and trends of household consumption by type of energy in rural areas… are developed and updated over the years.

Furthermore, the energy information system helps to clarify and monitor the objectives of African energy policies, and particularly those relating to the populations’ access to energy services.


The African Energy Information System has long been expected by several African and international energy sectors.

AFREC has been mandated through its Convention to fill this gap and provide our Continent with a project of this scale.

AFREC’s role is to “design, create and update a continental energy database and facilitate the speedy dissemination and exchange of information among member States and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in view of putting in place an African Energy Databank.
To explore ways and means of developing a suitable energy information system for Africa, AFREC has gone through several stages:
  • Realizing the need to stimulate contacts (focal points) in Africa which could play a major role in national, regional and continental energy networks by collecting data in their respective countries, AFREC has successfully established national focal points. It has a focal point designated by the Ministry of Energy in each member country,
  • AFREC in collaboration with IEA has designed a Questionnaire for data collection in order to provide input for the AEIS database, which it made available to all its focal points,
  • AFREC has launched training and capacity building sessions for all focal points , in collaboration with the International Energy Agency « IEA » which offers the training to improve the know-how of statisticians in the proper use of the questionnaire,
  • AFREC has its Web site that disseminates and furthers information sharing in all its activities including news relating to the AEIS.




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Data Collection Questionnaire for African Energy Statistics

Rapport of the 1st Seminar