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Interim Executive Director

African Energy Commission (AFREC)

Nationality: Egyptian

Mr. Marzouk is a holder a Master degree in New and Renewable Energy Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Over 20 years, Mr. Marzouk has served in the electrical energy production from renewable energy especially from wind turbine,

energy strategies and policies, international cooperation, he has held various posts among which: Manager of the Zafaran, wind farm the biggest wind farm in the Middle East and North Africa, in the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Senior Engineer at the Haurgahada demonstration wind farm.
InAugust 2007he was appointed as Senior Policy Office in charge of Renewable Energy Department of Infrastructure & Energy, in the African Union Commission. In November 2015 he was reappointed as an Acting Head of Energy Division
His portfolio as acting head of energy division covers the following:

  • Harmonization of renewable energy policies and strategies in Africa
  • Harnesses of the renewable energy resource for increase rate of energy access  in the continent
  • Monitoring and facilitation of implementation of the AU renewable energy projects
  • Contribution to mobilization of resources for energy development.




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