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Press Release No: P003/16/AFREC

Executive Secretary of the African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA) Visited the Headquarter of the African Energy Commission (AFREC)

Algiers, Algeria- 29 September 2016: Mr. Mahaman Laouan GAYA, Executive Secretary of the Africa Producer Petroleum Association (APPA) visited the Headquarter of the African Energy Commission (AFREC) On Thursday, 29 September 2016.

Mr. Atef MARZOUK, Interim Executive Director of AFREC welcomed and thanked Mr. GAYA, for visiting the AFREC and appreciate the collaboration with APPA.

Mr. GAYA, mentioned that 18 African countries are members of APPA representing 97% of the African oil producing countries. APPA under restructure and will be transfer to organization “African Petroleum Producer Organization” (APPO)
Mr. GAYA, highlighted that the new structure of APPO will be at the level of Head of States and the 1st Summit of APPO Head of States will organize at the 1st Half of 2017 in Brazzaville, to launch the new organization (APPO) and new headquarter.

Mr. MARZOUK, mentioned that the oil and gas finds that boast Africa with a long list of oil producing countries, 16 of the 54 countries in Africa are exporters of oil and reiterated the importance of collaboration with the African organization and mentioned that AFREC representing the 54 African countries at the area of energy.

For more Information: Mr. Atef MARZOUK, Interim Executive Director, and African Energy Commission (AFREC)
E-mail: marzouka@africa-union.org
Algiers, Algeria

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